I work very hard and as efficiently as possible. I know when I'm with clients, and the "clock" is on, that I need to optimize my time. I try to be sensitive to factors that are not in either of our control, and bill accordingly. I think you will find I am extremely fair in my billing practices. If you have any questions about billing at any time, please don't hesitate to contact me. I much prefer open and honest exchanges about my charges, rather than a client unhappy with their bill!

Billing Practices

Billing is based on a one hour minimum service call for each new visit, a follow up visit for the same issue will be a 30 minute minimum service call. After the minimum, calls are rounded to the next quarter hour.

Phone consultation is always provided free of charge for the first 5 minutes, and is rounded to the nearest quarter hour after that.

All hardware and software sales require a 50% deposit at the time of order with the remaining balance due upon delivery.

All invoices are due upon receipt.

Consultation and services are $140.00 per hour.

After hours rate (nights & weekends) is $200.00 per hour

All accounts require payment at time of service. Cash or Personal Checks and major credit cards are gladly accepted.

..."His integrity and fair billing practices are greatly appreciated."

-Pat Elliott, Business Manager, Clean Seas, LLC

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